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  • How to Fix a Screen Door

    How to Fix a Screen Door
    By: Karli April 20, 2015 As summertime approaches, a few spring repairs may help you to better enjoy the nice weather. One thing you may consider is repairing your screen door. A screen door helps to keep bugs, birds and other outside critters and debris from getting in your house. When you want to open your door and windows to cool off your house, it’s important to have a screen that works. ...
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  • How to Replace Broken Glass Panes

    How to Replace Broken Glass Panes
    Idaho Falls Window Replacement If you have a defective or broken glass window pane on your hands, good news is coming your way! Glass window panes are easy to replace yourself and don’t require you to replace your whole window. The signs below offer suggestions to know when glass panes may need replacement. Read on to learn how to replace the glass window panes yourself. Signs Window Pane Glass Needs Replacement: Discoloring Moisture in between ...
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  • New Colors Available for Window Wells

    New Colors Available for Window Wells
    Window Wells Rexburg Searching for the right window wells and window well components to match your house can make a big difference in the overall attractiveness of your home and yard. Imagine for a second, a house with a beautiful yard and exterior. Then imagine a window well which doesn’t quite match the scene or the style of the house; this can and will be avoided with CK’s window well systems. ...
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  • 5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Deck

    5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Deck
    Idaho Falls Decks & Replacement Unfortunately, decks do not last forever, and with time will eventually wear out. With regular maintenance and repair, the deck’s life warranty can be doubled. Decks should be self-inspected to check for signs of deterioration that signify the need for deck replacement. The following are the top 5 signs that your deck should be replaced. If you are unsure what to look for with any of ...
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  • Why Your Home Needs Crown Moulding

    Why Your Home Needs Crown Moulding
    Aesthetic Appeal Sometimes after years of living in your home, your home may become a little outdated, or even a little bit boring to you, aesthetically. Maybe even inclinations to move have already set in. But wait! Before you begin looking up the local listings, consider a few simple things which might transform your home completely and change your mind. Many homeowners have found crown moulding to be the perfect remedy to satisfy ...
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  • Window Replacements for Older Homes

    Window Replacements for Older Homes
    Old Window Standards Older homes were not built like they are built today; big surprise! The quality of materials used in construction, such as windows, have changed as knowledge and technology has improved. Some materials used in the past have even been found to be harmful. Older homes built before 1978, have windows or doors with lead paint that can be dangerous to your health. Older homes were built with single-pane ...
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  • Why You Will Need a Screen Door this Summer

    Why You Will Need a Screen Door this Summer
    Screen Doors Idaho Falls Needs Opening your sliding screen door in the summer is a privilege often taken for granted. With the summer heat trapped in the house, it can feel miserable. Relief can be found by ventilating the house and opening up the windows and the sliding screen door. Benefits of Screen Door A screen door is a great solution to naturally control house temperatures. Air conditioning costs in the summertime can ...
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  • Requirements of Basement Egress Windows

    Requirements of Basement Egress Windows
    What makes an egress window different than other normal windows? A basement egress window is designed to act dually as a fire or safety escape route in a basement where escape routes are severely limited to windows. These cutouts are required when you are converting a room in your basement into a bedroom. Since this requirement for basement egress windows in basement bedrooms is relatively new, old houses don’t have the required ...
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  • Why You Need Window Well Covers

    Why You Need Window Well Covers
    Window Well Covers Window wells are a great way to bring natural light, safety, and beauty to your basement. They may be amazing for the interior, but what effect do they have on the outside of your home? Window wells have more purpose than you may think – they effectively protect your home, family, and your home’s curb appeal with window well covers. Safety Precautions Safety is the top priority when it comes ...
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