Basement Window Systems

Basement Window Systems sold at CK's Windows and Doors Idaho

Shop for reliable basement window systems for your home through CK’s Windows and Doors. Our affordable basement escape window systems meet Egress code, and each include a one-year warranty. At CK’s we have it all, whether you need window well bucks, window wells, windows, safety grates, window well covers, or window well ladders. CK’s offers competitive pricing.


  • Natural Lighting
  • Safety
  • Curb Appeal
  • Improve Home value

Homes with basement window systems receive many benefits. Basement window systems offer increased safety for homes, with an emergency escape in the event of a fire or natural disaster. Installation of a basement escape window also increase the natural lighting in basements, which add a greater sense of warmth and character to the overall atmosphere. Basements with windows systems also enhance overall home values and curb appeal with modern window system technologies.

Custom Window Well Systems

Window wells are also now available in new “StackedStone,” an aesthetic addition to window wells which add to its charm and appeal. When you take a look at your basement window well, you can see an attractive stone-looking design instead of a plain metal window well. Check out the available window well systems available through CK’s Windows and Doors.

  • Window Bucks
  • Window Well
  • Basement Windows
  • Escape Ladders
  • Safety Grates
  • Window Well Covers
  • Window Well Ladders
  • NEW “StackedStone” window well with taupe components (bucks, wells, windows, ladders)
  • “Egress” window openings are required in all bedrooms in the basement
  • We stock all standard sizes, many that do meet Egress code

Egress code is:

20″ min width

24″ min. height

5.7 square feet of net opening.

Sizes We Stock
3030 4030 5030 6030
3040 4040 5040 6040
3050 4050 5050 6050

Our Service Areas:

Idaho Falls

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