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  • Choosing an Eco-Friendly Door For Your Home

    What’s the big idea with going green? Is it really worth it, and how much of an impact does it really make on the environment? Believe it or not, you can begin your green journey by choosing doors for your home that will make your carbon footprint smaller. How can simply choosing a door help with the environment? Let us tell you – Consider the Building Material Many doors are made with formaldehyde, a ...
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  • Summer Deck Maintenance

    Summer Deck Maintenance
    Summer is just around the corner! This is the best time to use your deck and enjoy hosting pool parties, BBQs, and family gatherings in your yard. After a long winter, you deserve to enjoy as much time on your deck as possible. Before summer starts, be aware of potential damage that the winter and heavy snow may have caused to your deck. To detect any damage, use this checklist ...
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  • When You Are in Need of Window Replacement

    By: Stina Riner At some point in time or another, you will need to replace the windows in your home. It might be because a window gets broken, or the windows in your home become outdated. Depending on the type of home you own and the age of your home, the windows you choose are going to vary from one home to the next. Trying to figure out what windows you ...
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  • Why You Need a Deck

    Why You Need a Deck
    Ever feel like you have a great backyard, but not enough sitting room to enjoy it? After all your hard work to beautify your back yard, plant trees and plants, mow the lawn, pull the weeds, and put up a fence, don’t you wish you had a deck to sit around and admire its beauty? If so, CKs has many different options for you to choose from when it comes ...
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  • Tips on Selecting a Door for Your Home

    Tips on Selecting a Door for Your Home
    A door can be the focal point of a home. It is the gateway where you go out into the world, and where the world is welcomed into your home. Finding the perfect door for your home is much easier with CK’s Windows and Doors. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your old home, CK’s Windows and Doors offers a wide range of products to match your ...
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  • What You Need to Order for Your New Home

    What You Need to Order for Your New Home
    CK’s Products for Building a New Home Building a home is a very fulfilling thing for any person. It gives you a sense of security knowing that with all factors constant, that is, a disaster or something does not happen, you will always have a shelter over your head. For that reason, it is critical that you use only the best products in your new home. This quality is what you ...
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  • Home Upgrades, Is It About Time?

    Home Upgrades, Is It About Time?
    If you were to rate the character of your house on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the greatest, how would you rate the overall class and character of your home? Would you say your home is pleasing to the eye, warm or inviting? Or would you say your home is simple and bare at best? If you rated your house anywhere from 1 to 7, it ...
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  • Meet Our Window Manufacturers

    Meet Our Window Manufacturers
    CK’s window manufacturers offer an array of modern windows to capture any builder’s imagination. Our wide selection includes vinyl, aluminum, wood and fiberglass windows. Our company is committed to meeting your ambitious ideas, that eventually demand unique expertise to make them a reality. Offering outstanding window design and creativity, CK’s window manufacturers has convincingly emerged as the market leader in Southeast Idaho. We have since partnered with the industry’s best ...
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  • How to Choose the Perfect Door

    How to Choose the Perfect Door
    A beautiful door is one of those subtle necessities that can make a huge difference to your home’s style. Interior doors are a vital part of the house, and there should be a good amount of thought that goes into selecting the right one. You have varied options and products to consider when you’re building a new house or remodeling one. These options include paint, fixtures, window coverings, wallpapers and ...
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  • Why You Should Consider a Basement Egress System

    Why You Should Consider a Basement Egress System
    Basement Egress Systems Available A quality basement egress system can ensure your home the safety and appeal it deserves. If you have a new home, an old home, or a home needing improvements, CK’s offers different basement egress systems to choose. A quality basement window system allows for greater light and ventilation. If your basement window well system needs a facelift, CK’s can help you find an affordable solution. Code requires ...
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