Meet Our Window Manufacturers

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Meet Our Window Manufacturers

CK’s window manufacturers offer an array of modern windows to capture any builder’s imagination. Our wide selection includes vinyl, aluminum, wood and fiberglass windows. Our company is committed to meeting your ambitious ideas, that eventually demand unique expertise to make them a reality. Offering outstanding window design and creativity, CK’s window manufacturers has convincingly emerged as the market leader in Southeast Idaho. We have since partnered with the industry’s best to tackle and overcome known limitations, so as to field the most imaginative window solutions. Our esteemed manufacturers include Alpine Windows and Cascade Windows.

Alpine Windows

Alpine Windows are of the best industry standards and offer Sliding and Double-Hung Windows with built-in protection, energy efficiency and beauty. Montrose is our latest model whose core has major technological advances. It comes with a narrow frame, composite reinforcement, security locking mechanism and is designed so as to elevate your home to a higher elite lifestyle. Alpine’s strive for ingenuity and quality is responsible for the design of the Alpine 80 Series Window. This is a rare combination of sizes and shapes, built-in heavy-duty vinyl frames to maximize thermal performance. Alpine 70 Series Windows follows suit with vast sizes, styles and shapes. It integrates optional tint glass that suits you easily with infinite beauty, strength, and thermal performance.

Cascade Windows

Cascade windows offer unique performance, style and value. Each product is designed to match and maintain a consistent, decent look for your home. One can even combine different architectures and still consistently maintain structural integrity. With multiple hardware, glass and grid patterns you can effectively configure window selection to achieve the perfect balance. WinPro windows are for those in need of maximum view and offer you clean lines to enable contemporary design with a variety of configurations and grid options. It is set back with an exterior frame that presents a framed, balanced appearance to increase larger units’ stability. To maintain that unified appearance, WinPro windows do feature unique color-matched hardware to suit your diverse needs. We at CK’s Windows Manufacturers derive great pleasure in meeting your everyday needs. 

We partner with two unique window manufacturers in the market: Alpine and Cascade. Each manufacturer delivers brands that are highly customizable and offers unique performance, hence can suit diverse needs in any project. They can serve new constructions, remodeling, replacements, commercial buildings, and even historical restorations. We guarantee our customers the highest possible levels of service and standards. It is our priority to partner with our clients in every step to ensure our products live up to the high standards. Give CK’s a call today to learn more about our vast selection of windows at (208) 528-8070.

By: Charity Leblanc