5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Deck

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5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Deck

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Unfortunately, decks do not last forever, and with time will eventually wear out. With regular maintenance and repair, the deck’s life warranty can be doubled. Decks should be self-inspected to check for signs of deterioration that signify the need for deck replacement.  The following are the top 5  signs that your deck should be replaced.  If you are unsure what to look for with any of these issues, contact CK’s professionals to ensure that your deck is safe and secure. CK’s has the professional experience to meet all your deck repair and replacement needs. We have seen it all and have been there for our customers to keep them out of harm’s way. Contact CK’s at 208-528-8070 to receive a professional opinion.

Deck LeIdaho Falls Decksdger Board: The most common causes for deck collapses are issues involving the ledger board. A ledger board is the horizontal wood framing that attaches the deck to the building. If there is space between where your deck connects to the house, at the ledger board, than immediate attention should be given; this is a major red flag. Issues with the deck ledger board are the most dangerous, as they can cause total deck collapse.

Sagging of Structure: Decks sometimes become curved or warped due to exposure to the elements. Other times, a hot tub may cause the deck to sag. If your deck looks as though it is sunken in the middle, beam improvements could be needed. Sometimes the sagging can be repaired; however, other times these solutions do not correct the slump, which means the deck needs to be replaced.

Decay or Idaho Falls DecksRotting of Wood: Water has harsh effects on wood and can cause decay and rotting if it collects and sits for long periods of time in one spot. Areas where the deck receives a lot of water are more prone to decay or rotting of wood. When a deck begins to decay, it loses its holding power and the deck begins to give and fall apart. Also inspect for signs of decay in areas of the deck where water pools. If a sprinkler system hits an area of the deck, and does not dry quickly, this could lead to premature decay or rotting. Signs that your deck may be rotted or decayed may include a change in the color of the wood or a change in its texture; some describe it to feel more “spongy.”

Idaho Falls DecksTermites: Termites can do a lot of damage to your deck if no immediate action is taken; they can eat through wood and weaken its structure to become more susceptible to danger or harm. Although termites are more likely to found in warmer climates, they are present in most states throughout the US. It is important to keep an eye out and pay special attention to signs of termites, because the damage done from termites is not always noticeable, and can take years for any major damage to be seen. Distinguished from other insects, termites look as if they are white ants. Wood that has been infested with termites should be replaced immediately. It is important for the termite problem to be solved to prevent future recurrences. Signs of termites include: Tunnels in the wood, Wings on the deck, Wood damage―soft, springy floors, hollow sounding, Fecal pellets―looks like a pile of sand.

Idaho Falls DecksCorrosion: When rust and corrosion begin to eat away at the metal connectors or fasteners, it’s time to do something about it; some fasteners may have insufficient corrosion resistance. As corrosion gradually eats away at your deck, it will weaken its capacity to hold weight. Connectors that are affected by corrosion should be replaced immediately, unless the corrosion has spread throughout the deck, then deck replacement is an option. Before you purchase a new home, it is important to make sure that the deck is safe and secure so that you can rest your mind at ease. If your deck is over ten years old, it is recommended that the deck is inspected for safety reasons.Special attention should be given to the maintenance of your deck to prevent fatal incidents from happening. Deck collapses occur every year, leaving individuals with the effects of injury, or even death. Regular maintenance should be given to extend the life expectancy of the deck.

By: Karli