What You Need to Order for Your New Home

New home essentials, CK's Windows and Doors

What You Need to Order for Your New Home

CK’s Products for Building a New Home

Building a home is a very fulfilling thing for any person. It gives you a sense of security knowing that with all factors constant, that is, a disaster or something does not happen, you will always have a shelter over your head. For that reason, it is critical that you use only the best products in your new home. This quality is what you get when you choose CK’s products. Below is a look at some of the products they have:

Basement window systems

The role a great basement window system has to a home cannot be underestimated. Having good reliable basement window systems will add to the entire aesthetic of your home and yard, the value of your home, and make your basement even safer. CK’s products have all the stock that you might require. May it be the entire basement window system for a new project or just a replacement of a window well or window on an existing home, we have what you need. We stock all standardized sizes, many that are at par with egress requirements.

Basement Cut-Outs

Basements do not have to be a place where it is unpleasant to stay in. The Basement egress windows from CK’s provide more light and increase ventilation. This makes the basement more inviting and better space to live in. With CK’s products, security of the resident is also ensured. There are escape points in case of an emergency. The escape points are large enough to accommodate most people. CK’s has also amassed vast experience with installation of egress windows which stretches over a period of 10 years. We always leave our clients satisfied, and they always come back to do business with us for future projects.

Shower Doors

The interior of the house is equally critical as the exterior. To enhance the quality of our shower doors, we partnered with Arizona Shower Doors. Arizona Shower Doors have made a name for themselves in this field. They have specialized in making wardrobe and glass shower doors that are coupled elegantly with a variety of home applications. They deal with shower stalls, shower enclosures for bath tubs, and they create customized and standard designs for their clients

Garage Doors

We are convinced about the need for high-quality garage doors for our customers. We have, therefore, partnered with Northwest Door. Northwest Door has been leading in innovation and design in the industry for more than 65 years. They use high quality American Made steel, aluminum, and wood, to make residential and commercial sectional garage doors. They also offer you the largest selection of designs and customization options in the industry.


We have a full line of great windows to suit any home builder’s needs. From vinyl and aluminum to fiberglass and wood windows, there is a large selection that will satisfy all your window requirements. Also, the supply of windows may also be utilized in retro-fit replacement of old windows.


If you are looking for new construction doors or remodeling an existing home, we have a wide variety of exterior and interior doors to choose from. Whether you are looking for simple or luxurious designs, we have the doors that will suit your home.

Therefore, because of our high-quality resources, versatile options, and trustworthy manufacturers, we are the go-to company for all your home needs as you are building a house. Give CK’s a call today!

By: Charity LeBlanc