Summer Deck Maintenance

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Summer is just around the corner! This is the best time to use your deck and enjoy hosting pool parties, BBQs, and family gatherings in your yard. After a long winter, you deserve to enjoy as much time on your deck as possible. Before summer starts, be aware of potential damage that the winter and heavy snow may have caused to your deck. To detect any damage, use this checklist and better inspect the health of your deck.

1. Check all fasteners. Over time, metal fasteners can easily come loose with the changing weather and weight of winter snow. Make sure to look under the deck to ensure all fasteners and connectors are secure and in place, especially the ledger board which connects the deck to the house. If fasteners are loose, most can easily be tightened back up with a screwdriver. If fasteners or screws are rusty, get the hardware replaced immediately and check the health of the wood around these fasteners.

Deck Maintenance at CK's, rotting wood2. Check for rotting wood. If your wood deck is made of treated wood, it is still susceptible to rotting. You’ll know the wood is rotten if you can find soft or spongy spots while walking on the wood. If your deck wood is rotting, test the spot by applying pressure with a screwdriver. If the screwdriver enters the wood more than ½ inch deep, the piece of wood needs to be replaced.

3. Spring Cleaning. Winter months can bring a lot of unwanted dirt and debris, so make sure you give your deck a good scrub before the summer months. All exposed surfaces should be scrubbed or sprayed down, even the roof of verandas and porch beams. Deck surfaces also need to be regularly sprayed or swept each week of summer to be properly maintained.

Applying a new coat of paint to your deck, Ck's windows and doors4. Apply a New Finish. Wood decks should be refinished every one to two years, so if your deck looks faded and old, it’s time for a new finish. It’s easy to finish the deck yourself, just leave yourself enough time to get the job done.
Before staining the deck, wait for at least 7 days of dry weather to make sure the deck is completely dry. After the deck is dry, inspect the deck for rough spots and thoroughly sand the surface until smooth. Clear any sawdust from sanding and then apply paint or stain one layer at a time. Make sure you leave at least one day in between each layer for adequate drying time. After your last layer, apply a waterproof sealer so your hard work lasts as long as possible.

Want a deck that requires less maintenance?

Ditch the wood deck and contact CK’s Windows and Doors for a composite deck structure. CK’s uses Trex and Timbertech decking supplies to build durable, beautiful decks that are fade, stain, scratch, and mold resistant. These durable, reliable decks even come with easy maintenance and 25+ year warranties.

For additional information on upgrading your Idaho Falls deck, contact CK’s Windows and Doors or call us at (208) 528-8070.

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