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Typical screens can often be bulky and cumbersome which results in broken or unusable screens. What if you could get rid of the hassle and introduce a more convenient solution?

Designed for the ultimate convenience is the retractable roll screen. Once installed you will be able to hide that screen away when necessary and also pull it out and use whenever you choose. Choose to have the best screen option there is to date, the roll screen.

Here are some of the benefits of retractable roll screens:

  • French Doors. If you have french doors in your home, retractable roll screens are really the only solution for screening. Both screens are latched in the middle, making it easy to open and close the roll screen.
  • Reduces Energy Bill. Using a roll screen when it’s cool outside to let fresh air into your home can save you money on your energy bill. Roll screens can be used however often you like, making them a sound option for energy conservation.
  • Sturdiness. Roll screens are a durable product that can weather any climate, from freezing winter temperatures to the blazing heat of summer.
  • They Look Good! Retractable roll screens don’t take up as much room as traditional screen doors, therefore maintaining the classiness of your home. When the screen is rolled back, your vision isn’t obstructed by a screen just sitting there, as the roll screen isn’t visible when not in use.

With so many benefits to having roll screens in your home, CK’s is here and ready to help you throughout the process of choosing roll screens for your home from selection, to installation.

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