Choosing an Eco-Friendly Door For Your Home

Green eco house at CK's Windows and Doors

What’s the big idea with going green? Is it really worth it, and how much of an impact does it really make on the environment? Believe it or not, you can begin your green journey by choosing doors for your home that will make your carbon footprint smaller.

How can simply choosing a door help with the environment?

Let us tell you –

Consider the Building Material

Many doors are made with formaldehyde, a natural gas with a pungent odor that results from carbon-containing materials that have not completely combusted. Formaldehyde is regularly used as a glue component in the production of pressed wood, making it the go-to option for many door production companies. While this chemical does an excellent job as a glue, its emissions into the atmosphere, and even in your home, may be harmful.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the highest levels of airborne formaldehyde are found indoors. The inhalation of formaldehyde contaminated air may cause respiratory problems such as chest pains, coughing, bronchitis, and wheezing.

Knowing this, CK’s prides itself in offering an interior door option for consumers with zero added formaldehyde, giving them the option to live a harmful emission-free lifestyle, while lessening their carbon footprint. These doors are also partially made out of pre-consumer recycled wood fiber, the highest being produced out of 68% recycled material.

Ecological Benefits of Wood Doors

Wood doors are an excellent option for those looking to live a more green lifestyle. Wooden doors sold at CK’s begin their journey by being planted, grown, and harvested. This process occurs over and over again. This allows more trees to be planted on a consistent basis, increasing long-term sustainability through releasing more oxygen into the environment. For every pound of wood grown, 1.47 pounds of carbon dioxide is absorbed, releasing 1.07 pounds of oxygen.

Wood is a natural insulator, and is therefore 15 times more efficient than concrete and 400 times that of steel. These durable doors are a great option for those wishing to increase sustainability in the environment.

Steel and Fiberglass Doors

Both fiberglass and steel doors offer excellent energy efficiency, with or without glass. Fiberglass doors in particular offer up to four times the insulating R-value of wood, making them a popular front door option. Steel doors have a super air-tight weatherstripping, also making them excellent insulators.

Feel Good About Your Choices

Making the choice to go green may require some time and research, but the time spent will benefit those wanting to improve the environment. Green options for doors are definitely out there, and CK’s is ready to help you make that change! Give CK’s Windows and Doors a call at (208) 528-8070 to get started on your green journey.

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