How to Bug-Proof your Home

Basement egress cut outWarmer temperatures inevitably means more bugs. While pesticides may sometimes be expensive and harmful, CK’s Window Well Systems knows that bugs and pests are preventable through a few simple precautions.

One precaution is to inspect your windows and screens for cracks, holes and small spaces. Any gap where air or water may enter, bugs will likely enter also. Bugs thrive in moisture, so any cracks or small spaces should be sealed to prevent invasion.

Foam or caulking helps to fill gaps and provide tight seals. Silicone caulking is a prime choice for both indoor or outdoor use when cracks are larger than ½” by ½”.

Caulking works well for detailed work or when a hinge or a joint need flexible movement. Foam is best used for those difficult-to-reach indoor gaps that are larger than ½” by ½” or longer.

Screen repairs are another simple, easy solution to bug-prevention. Screens place an immediate barrier between the bugs and you. When screens become worn or have small holes, they immediately become ineffective.

Screens are easily replaced and worth the repair to enjoy the summer with open windows. New window installations may be needed for older, cracked windows where bugs enter and become a nuisance.

Our basement window systems provide solid and bug-resistant windows and screens to prevent those unwanted bugs and pests from entering the home.

CK’s windows provides effective solutions to make a lasting difference.



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